New Privacy Policy

Cinema Minima has a new privacy policy. It is standard. Nothing exceptional.


Changes in the Cinema Minima Home page

The look-and-feel of the Home page at has changed. The change accommodates recent improvements in the Content Management System (CMS).

Now, all Correspondents’ names and pictures (or avatars) are displayed in the leftmost column.

And — something that has been wanted for a long time — Correspondents’ names and pictures are automatically displayed with their stories.

Rather than waiting for a re-design of the existing Home page — a ready-made page template has been used. This readymade design is “busy,” visually speaking, and neither as elegant — minimal — nor as stylish as Cinema Minima readers have a right to expect. However, it has the great advantage of making available the benefits of the improved CMS. Functionality trumps cosmetics every time.

Many other new benefits are available for both Correspondents and Cinema Minima readers. More about those, in future posts.

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