Cinema Minima’s online newsroom

Cinema Minima is a news service. Although its Correspondents’ stories are published on its Web site, they should be designed to be syndicated — distributed — in many media. A Correspondent’s story may be seen in a Web browser on a computer; it may be read aloud — by a machine — over a telephone; summarized as a 140-character “tweet” on Twitter; rendered into braille; or “mashed” by an automated news summarizer — It may even be printed on paper as a story in a newspaper.

The Online Newsroom

Whether coming from the worlds of journalism or filmmaking, when a reporter files a story for Cinema Minima, she should take care to follow online newsroom practice. The online newsroom differs in some important respects from print and broadcast media newsrooms — even though most print and broadcast operations have online presences. A reporter working in an online newsroom ought to —

  • Understand that what she writes must be written to work well in any medium in which it might appear.
  • Know how to write search-friendly headlines.
  • Know how to write summary-ready lead paragraphs.
  • Do her own copy-editing.
  • Do her own proofreading.
  • Understand — since her stories may be retrieved at any time in the future, and from any place — the importance of using full dates and place names, e.g., “2009 May 5,” not “today”; and “the American TV network ABC,” not “ABC-TV” (which could be either in America, or in Australia).