Cinema Minima is Microsoft-free

No Microsoft products play any part in Cinema Minima‘s Web site, its services, or its applications. Our servers — and our office equipment — run flavors of UNIX or LINUX operating systems.

To write their stories Correspondents are offered an online word-processing interface which looks like Microsoft Word; it is made using AJAX technologies — not ActiveX or any other Microsoft tools.

To keep Cinema Minima and its syndicated news feeds free of Microsoft artifacts, Correspondents are asked not to paste text copied from Microsoft Word or any other Microsoft application.

Both Cinema Minima readers and Correspondents will have safe and satisfying experiences using Web browsers such as Firefox (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), Safari (Windows, Mac OS X), iCab (Mac OS X), Opera (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), or Camino (Mac OS X). Microsoft’s own Web browsers are not recommended.