How to describe Cinema Minima to a Press officer

Here is something a Correspondent — you — can do which would help persons, e.g., festival press officers, to be receptive to you as a representative of the publication.

Please take care to not describe Cinema Minima as an e-magazine. That is inaccurate, and it is imcomplete. It is not an e-magazine. It is not a blog. It is not a Web site, although it uses the Web as one of its several channels of distribution.

Please describe it in this way, using these words

Cinema Minima is a news service. Its readership is international. Its distribution is worldwide. Its stories are syndicated. It has been online since 1999.

Every day, thousands of movie makers worldwide read Cinema Minima’s syndicated news feed, get its bulletins on their mobile phones, visit its Web site, or listen to its podcast.

Cinema Minima Correspondents and stringers report from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Cinema Minima Correspondents have been accredited as Press by the AFI Fest (Hollywood), the American Film Market (Los Angeles), the Berlinale, Lola Kenya Screen, the Independent Film & Television Alliance (Los Angeles), the New York Film Festival, the Singapore International Film Festival, Sundance, and The Times/bfi London International Film Festival, among others.

You may wish to add that Cinema Minima also offers an audio podcast, distributed in Apple’s iTunes Store. It sponsors filmmaker events in Paris and — recently — in Mumbai. It is preparing a print edition for those parts of the world with limited Internet access, e.g., Africa.

Organizations like Cinema Minima are the future of the news business, and — with the help of its Correspondents — it aims to be a small but significant player in the motion-picture trade publication segment of news media.