Correspondents offer original stories

Correspondents offer original stories to Cinema Minima’s readers and subscribers. Therefore …

  • Cinema Minima’s dateline must be included when a CM story is posted elsewhere.

Cinema Minima’s syndicates its stories via its feed (RSS). This is its primary channel for distribution. Individuals subscribe to its feed; but more important than that — other publications use stories from Cinema Minima’s feed. For this reason …

  • Every original story must begin with a Correspondent’s BYLINE, and Cinema Minima’s DATELINE, in wire-service format, e. g., “BY SUDDHASATYA GHOSH. KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, INDIA (CINEMA MINIMA) — “
  • Because stories may be republished elsewhere, boldface or italics are deprecated — other publications will automatically remove them. Underline is deprecated, too. Uppercase is reserved for movie titles, acronyms, and bylines and datelines.
  • Movie titles in UPPERCASE: TITANIC not “Titanic” not Titanic. CM follows the convention that the author of a feature is its director, e.g., HEAT AND DUST by James Ivory, written by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.

Nowadays — and for the future — a motion picture is likely to be made on video, not on film. Therefore, as a rule, CM refers to motion pictures as “movies” unless they have actually been made using film.