Installing Cinema Minima’s new Internet server

BY AUSTIN BURBRIDGE. LOS ANGELES (CINEMA MINIMA) — This week I am installing a new Internet server for Cinema Minima. It will be online in a week or two.

There will be no interruption of service. The change will be transparent. All that will happen is that going to will be faster.

What’s new. For the first time, Cinema Minima will have its own Web server. Hitherto, it had shared Web servers with many other Web sites. During 2007, Cinema Minima’s Web site had been delivered to the World Wide Web by Yahoo! Web Hosting. While Yahoo!’s service has been reliable — the Web site did not ever go offline — it has not been quick. And it did not permit Cinema Minima’s Webmaster to make adjustments which would have improved performance.

Cinema Minima’s new Web server will be at Slice Host.

Next I will talk more about improvements to Cinema Minima’s Web site, and other plans.